Oct 25, 2007


"There is a loneliness that can be rocked. Arms crossed,knees drawn up;holding on, this motion, unlike a ship's, smooths and contains the rocker. It's an inside kind-wrapped tight like skin. Then there is a loneliness that roams. No rocking can hold it down. It is alive, on its own feet going seem to come froma far off place."
Toni Morrison's Beloved

Oct 16, 2007

Nothin more than a shadow which i once touched in my hallucination,
nothin more than a name that echoes over and over again,
nothin more than a figment of a rain dropthat fell in my dream,
nothin more than a life that was taken forever,
nothin more than the death which i experienece as a deja vu...
You are nothin more than my imagination which is as or less farcical than reality.....

Oct 6, 2007

McDonalds is an MNC right?

After my usual colaba meandering, I went to the V.T McDonalds to grab a quick bite before the movie at Sterlings...As it happened, I was waiting for my potato wedges to come and there was a foreigner woman (I really could not figure out which country was she from, really curly cropped hair and dark skinned and she could not converse in English) trying to figure out what to order...This "gentleman" at the counter of McD apparently tried to help her...And for some wierd reason he had a sly smile on his face and that he exchanged with his colleague standing at the other side. This woman came to the counter and said "Chicken Mcgrill" as she tried to recall what she had decided from the menu above...And bang this is when it happened...After the lady's request, the guy "repeated" the order saying "Teri maa ki"......
My first reaction was an urge to slap him, second urge was to create a scene over there... But then I took a seemingly cool decision (its one of the crappiest decision i ever took) that I will directly go to a higher authority and file complain agaisnt the staff..
Anyways, the larger picture is what the fuck is happening?? And here we are not even talking about an Indian company, McDonalds is a fucking MNC....How can we behave like this with the people who come as guests in our country....Forget about the taxi-valas, retailers,museums etc.exploit the foreigners to the hilt in terms of finances... Thats a story for another day...here we are talking about a company which has branded itself as a family place...