Sep 28, 2008

Yeah...You definitely DON'T mess with the ZOHAN!!!!

Finally, I get to watch a kickass movie after a long hiatus....You cant miss this one....It has all the elements of being a delightful and hilarious watch for two hours...From the super sexy, out-of-this-world Israeli counter terrorist Zohan to "I want to be a hairdresser" Scrappy Coco (Wat a fundoo name!!!) in United States who wants to make everyone "silky and smooth", Adam Sandler is a sheer delight....and at his best...Adam's D*** plays an important part in the movie too (Please don't watch it if u r a prude and accept it , also if you are one but don't accept it)...No more details about the story except for the fact its HILARIOUS....Please watch it...
Just one interesting point though (the MARQUEZ' loyalist (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) in me never dies)...The movie has some awesome 'Marquez' moments...There is a lot of surrealism in the movie which has been brilliantly woven with the story....Awesome stuff....CHECK it OUT......

Sep 26, 2008

Bizzare Bliss

This is how I feel today,
Insane happiness,
Bizarre bliss.
I keep coming back in your eyes,
I die in them and then live again,
Thousands death, zillions lives.
You walk me through the passion,
The music and the rhythm.
I say the words to you so often,
The meaning changes every time.
You listen to them and smile,
And even mock sometimes.
There is no end to this,
And this is the end.
Let me tell you how I feel today.
Insane happiness,
Bizarre bliss.

Sep 19, 2008

The smoke curled up against her face,
Passed through her lips and never went up in the air.
She sat thinking about the old lovers, whose beloved she never was.
There were two rooms in the house,
The house did not have a room for her.
A friend was sitting alongside, sipping coffee with her lover.
She waited and waited for the hour to pass,
And then she remembered that she forgot to turn the hourglass.
She could never know what hour it was,
The moment never went on as did the unending hour
She cursed the moon because it never showed up at the door.
The night knocked on the door and went out of the window.
She refused to smile and refused to cry.
All in all she knew where to hide.

Sep 18, 2008

I did dat too...

Once upon a time, I dabbled in copywritin for a very brief amount of time...And I know how much the ad world has been thankful to me for not joining permanently....But during those agonising moments of rushing from one ad agency to another, I created some of the crappiest pieces of advertising ever produced on this planet and some no-so-bad here are some pieces which are not-so-bad after dat m sure I will never be an "official copywriter", I decided to put up a small exhibition of my "work" right here on my blog...

Sep 14, 2008

Inspite of all the waves,
The air is slightly suffocating.
There is no parallel to walk on, and there is a long walk,
Which doesn’t take me to the sea.
Labyrinth of passage brings me to the same room,
Again and again and again.
The room doesn’t talk,
The air gets more stifling
Little birds chirp right outside the huge glass door,
I try very hard but can’t crack the lock.
Its pouring heavily,
Drops of mirth, drops of gloom.
Waves look me in the eyes,
And I often think of the time
When the passage would cease to exist,
When the room would cease to exist,
When the lock would cease to exist.
The sea is right across,
Then do I need all this!

Sep 10, 2008

Packed all my empty bags,
Ready to take the plunge.
What should be the route, I wondered!
Icarus said wings were of no use!
The grass was wild, really wild,
My feet bled and I couldn’t take it any more
The silky water it was that I needed
Left the bags far behind,
The lights were dim and the sun was dark.
I floated on the water like in the rusted dream.
Stopped for a moment and though about you,
Felt the water again and waded.

Sep 8, 2008

An ode to Farhan Akhtar

Have been watching pretty crappy movies off late...Rock On was an exception to a certain point though..I think the only thing I really wana talk about is that how I am a biiiiiiig fan of Farhan Akhtar...It’s not just about this movie (where he has looked super hot... gave pretty tough competition to Rampal)...It’s about the whole new ‘trendy’ culture that he has brought in Bollywood...Even though the movie has not been directed by him, it definitely has a lot of ‘Farhan’ elements in it...I think he has just given a completely new dimension to the youth’s hip, it’s sexy, it’s cool and it’s trendy....n with rock on...(with all its flaws) we got Bollywood’s first proper rock band....Most of my friends were really excited about the movie cuz there is clear connection...and the characters are believable....thank god they don’t have a Shahrukh or a Salman playing a rockstar!
A little about the movie: the fight between the friends was quite kiddo and unbelievable. The brain tumour bit was tooooo Bollywoodish...Rampal was just too much of a loser (a friend came up with this ‘observation’ )....Best actors: Rampal’s wife, Farhan and Purab! Hottest of them all: Farhan of course!

Sep 3, 2008

Seemed like the lowest high ever...
The caked face looked more parched.
The half smoked cigarette didn't find its way to the ash tray.
The vase looked broken or is it the design!
The dream time was lost in the sleep.
Looked for a trigger to dive,
There was no water around,
Seemed like a desert land.
All the faces were black,
And black was the favourite colour...
Were they black or were the eyes?
The whole night passed away in trance....
It was too long a night....
Too short for the dreamer though....
Morning they say always comes...
Whole night passed and ended with this thought...
Don’t remember the end though!