Feb 28, 2011

Feb 25, 2011

"Because relations are always ambiguous and I continually fail to communicate...Because I continue to blame myself even when I'm not to blame.... because each failing has made me more remote from myself..from my babies and from you..For all these reasons and many more yet unknown-I must listen, I must look around more than ever...I must leave."

Courtesy: I'm Not There

Feb 24, 2011

The Train

The train was moving with a screeching noise
Not bearing good tidings
But a strange undecipherable warning
I wasn't sure if it was moving at all
It gave Hitchcockian vibes
It finally came where the crowd was
Each looking at the other with suspicion
There was a background theme
But hardly any noise
Surprisingly, there was no jostling
Though, each one got into the train without a smile
I tried a lot to unravel the plot
But it was sticky and wrapped in many folds
The train looked like it would gobble us all
Like a slithering poisonous snake
It started moving
Everyone was restless
But they maintained a no-expression look
I decided to look outdoors
Breathe in fresh air and fresh thoughts
There were no murders
There was no life
We reached safe and sound and resumed our lives
The train, once again, was moving with a screeching noise

Feb 22, 2011

Recommendation of the Week

I'm not There definitely qualifies as one of my most favourite movies. Inspired by Bob Dylan's life, the movie weaves an imaginative web of characters. Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend the movie itself. But this week's reco is the wonderful screenplay of the film which you can download and read here.

Its a beautiful script. Most of it reads like poetry :) Ciao

Feb 21, 2011

Aaron Eckhart's half burnt face!

On Friday, The Dark Knight was on on WB channel and I was watching it for the 27th or 28th time. I am obsessed about this film. Before I get carried away, let me come to the reason for this post. So while watching the movie, I realised that Aaron Eckhart's half burnt face (which is an important theme in the movies!) has been blurred, or rather blackened. Now come on. Are you really serious! You change "shit" into "crap" in sub-titles, its alright (Honestly, even thats a mystery to me, but whatever!) You beep "ass", "fu*k", okay cool. No problem. You cut important love-making scenes even though they might be an integral part of the movie and the plot, but okay, whatever for that too. But why the fu*k will you not show Aaron Eckhart's half burnt face!!! Why? Why? Why? How can that affect anyone in this world! How can that be offensive!

Then next day, they show Sex and the City movie and forget to blur this Steve guy's bare bums after he walks out of an unsuccessful make-out session with his wife. I mean if its okay to see Steve's bums, then why not poor Eckhart's half burnt face. Its better looking (and more meaningful) than Steve's bums..

You get the point right...

Feb 17, 2011

M & H

M: You know, I envy you sometimes
H: Really...
M: You have someone always waiting for you at the other end of this tunnel and you have the option of either crossing or not crossing
H: ....
M: The worst part part about it is that I happen to be the one waiting at the other end of this tunnel

Feb 16, 2011

Train tale

Even though I got back to Bombay (I still call it Bombay and will always do, Shiv Sena can go f**k themselves) after six months, I just feel that I was just away for a very short holiday. Anyways, This is technically my sixth year in Bombay. However, like each time, I manage to explore/find something new, something exciting to keep me engrossed with the city. This time its the most unusual thing that is the highlight of this expedition. So basically, I have somehow always managed to escape the helter-skeltor of everyday train travels for various reasons like college and office being close to my place and taking cabs from Mahim to Lower Parel even though it burnt a deep hole in my pocket at the end of every month.

However, things have changed. My new office is at Nariman Point and I have no other option but to take trains. The only respite was that I had to take it at non-office hours as I work for a newspaper. Much much to my amazement, I realised how much I have started enjoying the commute. Its absolutely fantastic because this commute time has become the most interesting part of most of my days.

I observe so much when I am in the train. There are just so many new interesting faces and sometime characters to see. An old woman sleeping with her mouth open, an old guy muttering something to himself under his breath, a kid trying to escape the shackles of her mother's loving arms, the weirdest advertisements ever with all the possible typos and sometimes I also eavesdrop interesting and sometimes weird tid-bits of conversations.

This is followed by (in both mornings and evenings) a rather long walk at Marine Drive with my ipod plugged in my ears. Most of time, I am half listening to music as I am lost in the sea waves to my right. Anyhow, the point is that this city never ceases to amaze and amuse me.

Feb 8, 2011

Recommendation of the week

Hello people :) Back in Bombay and feeling absolutely awesome.

Hmm...so today's recommendation is a bit unique because I am the last person to recommend music to anyone. I am not all that much into music and have always stumbled upon good music, thanks to some of my friends.

So today's recommendation is this supremely wonderful old band called "The Be Good Tanyas". Its an old, Canadian, all girls band. A friend had saved some of their songs in my ex-laptop :p and thats how I got to hear their music.The highlight of their music is that its insanely smooth and soothing. You can try one of my favourite songs, rain n snow, here

Hope you like it.

Feb 1, 2011

Recommendation of the week

Helloo people. This week's reco (6) is this super sweet short animation film by Pixar 'Partly Cloudy'. I had actually seen it sometime back but something reminded me of it recently and I thought I should recommend it to you guys :)