Apr 27, 2011

Ideas that somersault

A number of ideas have been somersaulting in my head lately. Ideas, words, string of words, stories et al. Obviously, I am not even in a state to separate bad and good ideas (If there is anything like that). They are actually flowing in the most purest form, without any external trigger as such, except for inspiration.

There are weird and bizarre things that inspire me to write. Right now, it is love :) And an immense amount of it. Like Peggy Olsen from Mad Men would say, "I am in a wonderful space right now" .

Anyways, keeping the ideas scribbled on a sheet of paper for now. Will have loads to flesh out, hopefully, out when I get my new laptop next month :)

Apr 21, 2011

Isn't the moon enough?

Just heard this in some movie (as usual, forgot the name):

"What are they offering you?"
"The moon."
"Isn't the moon enough?"
"Depends on who is offering it?"


Apr 1, 2011

How much would it actually hurt
to take me in your arms once
Rested for eternity, I will be
The wings would evaporate
Would want to fly no more
I would save Icarus
And other tormented souls
Days are the tangled years
Mixed with each other
Trying to solve the puzzle
Of a vicious cycle of fear
How much would it actually hurt
to take me in your arms once