Nov 27, 2010

FIR for an opinion

I am pretty surprised at myself these days. I have always been unfazed by what is happening around me specially when it comes to Indian politics. I am the last person you should expect to get any answers from on any current affairs question. I have often avoided the politics and current affairs parts in newspapers and news channels almost like a plague.However, since quite sometime everything happening in this country has been following me.

Anyways, the point of this post is about something that I actually have a very strong point of view on. I just read in today's Indian Express that a Delhi court has filed an FIR against Arundhati Roy. I am not even going to get into any details on the controversy since the world wide web is full of them. My point is that when the Supreme Court declared that Arundhati Roy cannot be charges against charges on sedition (Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state) unless there is a call to violence then how the hell can Delhi Court file this FIR. Whatever might be her views! How can we be denied the Freedom to Speech now! Has the country run of out corruption charges to combat with and is now channeling all its negative energies towards activists!

Like I said, I don't want to go into whether what she said on the occasion was right or wrong. The point is that Arundhati Roy and other activists or for that matter, normal citizens of India have a right to air their opinion. We also have the right to agree or disagree with someone's opinion. Its as simple as that. Express your disagreement. Have a debate! But how the hell can you file an FIR for expressing an opinion!

I am beginning to get more and more disillusioned with the system. The word 'System' actually seems pretty ironic. I know its rather naive and gullible to expect anything close to a utopia but this is dystopia that we are living in, at its best.

Nov 25, 2010

Novel Concept

I was watching this really wonderful interview last night on Lok Sabha TV of one of my most favourite people on earth-Gulzar.At the end of the interview Gulzar confessed that one thing he would have liked to tried his hand at but couldn't was writing a novel. The canvas of a novel is too different from a short story or a screenplay, said Gulzar.I couldn't agree more

The space of the Novel is really something else. As an amateur writer, I can say that writing a short story is really easy as it is just a description of a thought I have in Mind. A short story is like a moment. A moment is easy to flow with ink on a paper.

However, I guess that putting a lot of coherent moments in a string to make a novel must be a tough task. Recently, I am writing about something very close to my heart. While its has gone beyond the realms of a short story but I will still call it that. I am not able to string it all together. Even though this piece of writing is absolutely for my personal pleasure but I am almost struggling with connecting the numerous snippets that I have written.

I have a new found respect for all the (good) Novel writers. The dedication and craft that Novel writing requires is monstrously huge!

Nov 23, 2010


Almost one month from now, I would be in the other half of the 20s. Just a few months back I quite dreaded this age. Not because I don't like ageing but because I was scared of going towards the other side.

There was this uncertainty looming large over my head about my personal life and professional life. I had no idea where I was headed to. There hasn't been an earth shattering event in my life which has changed my perception now. Just a few moments (and months) of some self introspection have helped!

I am actually reaching one of the best phases of my life.My insecurities which have almost encircled me throughout my life are actually starting to fade away now. For the first time, I feel I am more dependent on myself emotionally than anyone else. I have started to not saddle myself with the baggage of anyone's expectations.

I have started to not waste too much time in understanding the intricacies of human behavior. I have started absorbing more than I express. I have almost started loving unconditionally.

Also, I have started enjoying my drinks rather than gulping them down to get drunk asap ;)

I am more than eager to be 26 and to have the time of my life in the second half of twenties.

Few resolutions: 0.5% less alcohol, 7% less whining, 30% more savings, 97% more reading, 98% more movie watching, 99% more travel

Nov 15, 2010

Stranger seems to be in love

There is a house at the corner,
Asymmetrical and huge.
It inhabits a stranger.
Stranger seems to be in love.

His face is parched,
Can be crushed into powder.
The moon falls on it,
Then goes back into the sky.

The smell of flowers fades.
The garden flows like a river,
With only stones left now.

Stranger comes out,
Comes out for a stroll.
After ages and ages,
On the stones, he rolls.

Stranger knows he is alive,
While the house burns down.

This is the end,
Of the broken days he spent.
He is free of the demon,
And the angels who had fallen.

Nov 8, 2010

Kaam Ka Plot

Well, it truly was Kaam Ka Plot. I think its a great initiative by Zoom to feature miniscule budget-truly creative movie premiers like Kaam Ka Plot. The movie is directed by journalist Minty Tejpal and features Ranvir Shourey, Sandhya Mridul in lead roles and Vinay Pathak in a kickass guest appearance.

The magic that spunky Sandhya Mridul and versatile Ranvir Shorey create on screen is fabulous. I think great performances is a given thing with Ranvir, Sandhya and Vinay. The plot (story) of the movie is the best part about it. Its woven jazzily, its simple, its tricky (where it needs to be) and its well written. The climax will unfurl fantastically. It beautifully captures the nuances of a middle class, married, unemployed due to recession character played by Shourey who is smoothly glided into a big scam being plotted by the foreign returned, unhappily married photographer Mridul. Now this is scam is the biggest twist of the movie which you gotta watch out for. Ofcourse, special mention for Pathak who is simply Brilliant in his truly "special" appearance as a marathi cop.

Another small wonder from the world of Indie films. Refreshing
Must watch if you haven't. I am sure Zoom will have repeat shows!

Nov 6, 2010

Aloo and me

Aloo and me go back a long long way. Presumably, after milk, the next form of food that I was fed with was aloo and thus begin my tryst with Aloo. Now, its actually more of a never ending saga with me trying to run away from it and aloo trying to always magically land at my breakfast/lunch/dinner plate in a desperate hope to please me.

So the story goes like this-As a marwari family, aloo is supposed be our staple diet. So be it Holi, be it Diwali, be it birthdays, be it anniversaries, be it any of the zillions of other festivals and occasions, one thing that unfortunately has been an integral part of the celebrations is aloo-desperate seeker of attention.

Okay, I will some credit to it as, after all, it is considered to be the "king of vegetables" (whatever shit that means!) But does it have to mess with all the other existing vegetables that are capable of having their own individual identity. Have you ever asked beans or capsicum or brinjal if they even enjoy aloo's company? I am sure they are sick of it. And so am I.

Aloo hijacks every alternate meal at my home. While I have had the luxury of ignoring aloo for almost five years when I stayed on my own but now since I have come back to live with the marwari family (my folks), aloo is acting vindictive and attacking all my meals. Ofcourse, the rest of the members of my family would not dare offend aloo. So on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Friday, Wednesday, and Sunday, its aloo that sarcastically smiles at me from my own shiny glass plate and sometimes it is in an awfully uncomfortable liaison with poor other cute vegetables, without their consent! Hate you aloo. Hate you.

Nov 4, 2010

Dont ever ask me why I wana move back to Bombay

Delhi. This is a city which should be awarded for having the largest chunk of horny perverted men roaming freely on the road
This is a city which is cold (And I strictly refer to the metaphorical meaning of the word cold)
This is a city which is frigid.
This is a city which wants to keep staring at you and make you feel uncomfortable
This is a city which makes you feel alienated
This is a city which does not have a sea
This is a city which is slow
This is a city which does not respect time
This is a city which doesn't inspire me
This is a city which does not smile at me
This is a city where I hate even stepping out of the confines of my house
This is a city which is not polite
This is a city where neighbours are nosey
This is a city where I dont get a cab as soon as I get down
This is a city where I am completely lost
This is a city which makes me feel more lonely then ever

Now, don't ever ask me why I want to move back to Bombay!
Drinking a glass full of dreams
Trail of light follows my path
I am wobbly but alive
The world is a bit lost
I am thriving in the madness