Oct 18, 2009

Blind Alley

Lights and lights everywhere
I walk down a blind alley
Blind as the sea in the dark
Blind as the moon in the day
A stream of colors light the sky
Sparkling brilliance all over the world
I look down and smile
At the irony of fact and fiction
Force myself to climb up the wall
Can’t be locked here forever
I sit amidst strangers
Smile sheepishly at everything said
While secretly listening to the music of colors
I am lost as lost can be
I criticize myself and the world sometimes
It rains heavily in the dark
The cab driver takes his last passenger of the night
He drives up the blind alley and soon finds himself at home
His wife, his children, his mother and his furniture
The city moans, cries, laughs and complains
It is so dark that one can’t find home
Yet they all sleep in homes
I think this and a lot more
And doze off at a nice cozy corner of the blind alley

Oct 9, 2009


When I was a kid I was extremely argumentative and my grandfather joked that she was born right after Indira Gandhi died and she is the prime minister of our home. I was born in 1984, so were most of my friends. We were born this year and Indira Gandhi died this year were the only two facts about the history that were revealed to me. I have never been much of a history enthusiast but I thought that I know most of the important highlights of the India history through the textbooks that I mugged up in school. Today I watched this documentary by Shonali Basu ‘Amu’ and I realised like the protagonist in the movie even our parents and our country haven’t educated us properly about the history of our country.

The movie was extremely enlightening. I had no idea that there were mass murders of Sikhs and there were such brutal killings. The movie subtly shows that this was in cold blood, meticulously planned by the beurocrats.

It is a must watch. It is an extremely well made film too. A lot of detailing has gone in the film in terms of everything. Everyone has done a wonderful job and especially Konkona Sensharma.

Oct 3, 2009

I am bored of this pattern now
Of being in love with you
It was a beautiful kaliedoscope from which I had seen hues
But now its broken
Its not even black
Its transparent
Makes me see the world as it is
I hate it

My muse is lost
I am no longer a poet

I dive deep in blue and wash away purple
I run round and round to come back to your words
Now I am looking for a point that joins the semicircles
I want to break it, break it forever
Go back to the Eden alone

I am no longer thinking about you
Its just the thoughts that keep coming back to you

Mr Obama

Well, alomost all of us knew that there is something special about this man...His campaigns before elections infused energy in the gloomy recession era..Somewhere, people had the gut feeling that this man is THE change that USA and in turn, the rest of the world needs..His eclectic and charming personality won him the US elections and hearts of lot of crazy Americans and I am sure, many Indians too.

Anyways what triggered this flow of adulation for him right now is Mr Obama's presence in David Letterman show on STAR World. He had made an appearnce on the show while he was campaigning and had "promised" to come back if he wins the election. I had never seen that episode. David just mentioned it on this particular episode. Well, here he was, super down-to-earth yet very firm-in-his-beliefs president of USA talking about economy, job scene in US, Afganistan, Iraq amidst cheers and claps and some nice and some cheeky jokes of Mr Letterman.

I was just really impressed to see the President so relaxed and soooo close to the public. He just seemed soo accessible. There is just something about him.....

I like!