Aug 28, 2010

My date with an astrologer

Confession time! Even though I don't "believe" in astrology, I am definitely curious about this business. I am one of those who love to read the 'Bombay Times' (now Delhi Times!)astrology section every day for fun and now out of habit and our dear old Mr Bejan Daruwalla's section every Sunday. Okay to cut the long story short, I really don't believe in them but I am very very curious to always know what's written and what's being spoken at the fortune teller's shop!

So when I came back to Delhi, one of my aunts couldn't stop praising this astrologer that she has been meeting. According to her, the astrologer had a proven track record in narrating her personality traits and her past, present and yes, even her future "afflictions". So I thought that this is the best time to make use of my dozens of free hours and ennui! I took my "horoscope" and then me and my aunt headed to meet the supreme power. These are the excerpts of the conversation:

Guruji (After looking at my horoscope for about 10-15 minutes): Have you hurt yourself lately?
Me: No
Guruji: Are you sure that you haven't hurt yourself recently?
Me: NO
Guruji: Ok. Then you might have a little accident in the near future. Nothing to worry about. You have rahu ki dasha on you. It generally lasts for about 16 years. But I assure you that you will be really happy post 2016
Me (in my thought bubble): WTF
Guruji continues the monologue: Your coming year will be really bad. Even after that some more years will be bad. But post 2016, everything will be ok.
Me (in my thought bubble) : Wow. I am so grateful
Aunt: Guruji,please tell her where will she be based in the near future. She has just shifted to Delhi for some time but she likes Mumbai.
Guruji: For some time, she will stay in Delhi and then she will move to Bombay
Aunt: When will she get a good job?
Guruji: She should keep trying. She will definitely get a good job. Its there in her kundali!
Me (couldn't control myself): Giggle
Aunt: Will she get married?
Guruji (after a long pause and an intense look at my horoscope): Yes, I am positive. She will get married.
Me (in a thought bubble): Wow. Revelation!!! I am relieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were more inane questions and more great revealing answers. But I guess, you get the picture...hehehe

Aug 13, 2010

My Name is Red

“Time doesn’t flow if you don’t dream.”

The first thing that built my relationship with this book was the titles of its chapters. Before I even read a page of it, I knew this was something which would be enchanting. Now how many times do you see chapters like “I am a Corpse”, “I am a Dog”, "I am Red" and “I am a Gold Coin”!

I had never read Pamuk before this but had read a lot about him which had intrigued me. For starters, he writes on Istanbul, a country I have always been fascinated with (where I would go for my honeymoon, if I ever decide to get married :p)

“If you stare long enough your mind enters the time of the painting. All time had now become this time.”

The book revolves around the lives of miniaturists in ancient Istanbul. It is a fantasy fiction fable which has intricate layers of a murder mystery and a love story. I loved the entire journey throughout the book. The book is interspersed with a lot of mythic legends like Shirin and Khusrev which is truly delightful.

“For if a lover’s face survives emblazoned on your heart, the world is still your home.”

Each chapter is a point of view of a character, living and sometimes “non-living”.
By the time I had reached the climax I did not really care to find out who the murderer was because I was so bloody immersed in the world of the artists and their fables and notions about art. And I absolutely loved the way the book ends. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the last line of the book.

“For the sake of a delightful and convincing story, there isn’t a lie Orhan wouldn’t deign to tell.”

Par excellence.


The promos had made me believe that it will be a good looking movie. The promos absolutely lived upto my expectations. It was surely a good looking movie and by "good looking' I don’t only mean the zillions of beautiful, exquisite, quirky and sometimes funny costumes adorned by the ladies in the film. I liked the overall look of the film. It was shot pretty well. The music was superb. Loved almost all of it.

Now let’s get to the part where I wanted to scream the hell out and slap Sonam Kapoor. May be I am being too bitchy here but seriously there is something very screechy about her, if you know what I mean. She could not really bring the character alive on screen. However, to put the complete blame of the movie not exactly working for me would be wrong and unfair. The scriptwriter has got to take some blame here please. The script was wayyyy too confused. Everything went pretty haywire after the intermission including the wannabe feisty Ms Kapoor.

Anyways, there were some pretty interesting and well played out charcxters there though including the typical delhi ka rich munda (boy) Ranbir Gambhir played by Cyrus Sahukar, the super quirky Pinky Bose played by Ira Dubey and last but not the least Bahadurgarh’s gift to Delhi, Shefalee, played by Amrita Puri.

And poor Abhay Deol. Felt bad for him almost throughout the film!