Nov 25, 2009

Delhi Winters

One of the very few things I really miss about my hometown Delhi is "Delhi winters". Winter is my favourite season. There is some sort of romance attached to it. I have so many memories of my almost 21 winters spent there.

I love dressing up in winters. The layers and layers were just so fascinating. Bright colourful clothes- Skeevees, mufflers, socks, sneakers, cardignas, sweaters, warmers, shawls...Surpisingly however cold it has been, I have never ever worn a woolen cap or gloves...Just some sort of weird aversion...

Anyways,I remember leaving home for college at the time when fog is in no mood to give up...We would wade through it to go to Delhi University which is even colder than the normal residential areas. Our asses would freeze wherever we would sit. And we would have one cup of nescafe coffee after the other throughout the day...I somehow always feel more happy and peaceful during this season.

There is always a better variety of food too during winters. Especially in Delhi, there are lots of things which are only eaten during this season..Though I am personally not fond of many of those things like baajra khichdi, sarso saag n stuff but its nice to have these delicacies reserved for winters. It truly deserves all the special treatment.

I also have some wicked memories when I was in school and on lots of days I would just pretend to take bath in the morning (eeeuuuu i kno!) And in the night, I would really get angry when my father forced me to brush my teeth once I have tucked myself in my oh-so-cozy quilt. Once in a while, my dad would also give us a little brandy which was diluted in warm water. Now that was something I would look forward to (The seed for my love for alcohol was sown long back). It was the tastiest beverage I had ever had till then!

I miss "Delhi Winters". This year, after four years, I am planning to spend atleast few days in Delhi during December :)

Nov 23, 2009


Yesterday was quite a nostalgic moment when I saw Kurbaan in Eros...I had gone to the theatre after a very very long time..and remembered all the movies I had seen there while I was in Xavier's...Anyways, talking about the movie, for a change, leme start with something good first...Saif Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan...Now do I need say more...If all terrorists were as sexy n hot as him!!!! Anyways, in the second half the only thing I wanted to do was to just go inside the screen and bash up Vivek Oberoi badly for being so highly dumb and annoying!!! Technically its the scriptwriter's fault for creating this dumbass crappy character but my ire got directed at what I could see in tangibly at that time...the movie overall was OK...The story was OK too...But not even a single moment when I, awesome...Sorry Rensil, but thats what I felt! Anyways, the dialogues are quite good..Very day-to-day kind of dialogues, like how one human talks to another...which is good for a masala Hindi movie...Kareena was Ok...But again her character was so confused...Love Saif or hate Saif after she discovers that he is a terrorist...Anyways, one watch is not all that bad!!!

Nov 9, 2009

A wish comes true and the other flies off far away

The lime green wall walking upto the window
The subtle shine on the polished glass
The moonshine reaching my ears
A melancholic tune full of rhymes
I rest my head on the corner of the wall,
Look out at the empty mosaic lane
Nobody walks through it
The midnight bell rings loud and clear
Giving me orders to sleep
I think about the colours I had seen through the day
And the black and silver seems stark
I feel like a lover yearning for my beloved
Throwing coins in the pool of the moonlight
A wish comes true and the other flies off far away

Nov 5, 2009

Quarter life crisis!!!

In 2001, two great people in the world, Abby Wilner and Alexandra Robbins, identified the issue thar I am suffering from currently, Quarterlife Crisis.

Well, till sometime back I didn’t know the name of my “problem”. But then I was very happy to discover that I suffer from a totally cool psychological disease.

Basically, I tried to make a transition from writing to being an assistant to a director (That’s called DA in the direction lingo!). And honestly, it’s an experiment/sabbatical phase for me. I am trying something out and taking a break. That’s all.

I am in a phase where I just can’t seem to go back to a fixed routine. I am just in my own world. Thinking of new ideas...Financially, it’s a big risk. But leaving that aside, it’s a really great time of my life. My thoughts are just all over the place and I really like it this way. I don’t want them to follow a given fixed boring stream.

PS: Soon you will see a new version of this blog with some really interesting stuff!! Watch this space for more. (Journalism cliché!)