Jun 18, 2008

My fascination with Marquez continues...Recently picked up his next book 'Strange Pilgrims'...Haven't started it though.. Have been reading Jamce Joyce lately (Portrait of a young artist)...Finally something worthwhile after such a long time...My last few months have been disastrous in terms of the books that I was reading! Just couldnt finish Madame Bovary (Super bad!) and after that was reading Anna karenina (one of the most overhyped book)...its just about ok...still left with last 50-60 pages and will be really glad when its over....Anyways I just feel that the best books i have read till now are the Modernists stuff...Its just incredible...And no offence but 90% of the "classics" are extremely overrated!!!! --

Jun 3, 2008

Can already hear the music.
The stiffness of the air is finally taking a bow.
The moon is hiding behind the dark clouds,
and the night is reigning like a queen
The little stars are on a holiday,
swimming in the pool of joy.
Birds are taking a shelter,
between the roof and the ground.
The wind is flying as high as it can,
taking away all the pain and gloom.
The drops are already rhyming with the sea…
The beautiful rain is back again.