Oct 29, 2008

couldnt resist for long!

A long walk was all that needed,
The road was clear and there was a slight nip in the air.
The moon smiled from across the dark clouds,
It was a beautiful night; Sure it was.
The stars were on their way to heaven and so was I.
And I kept on walking with a zillion thoughts in my mind.
The night was spread far across and I decide to go till the end.
The tranquillity spread its wings and settled in my heart.
There was slight dew on the leaves that I passed through,
They all smiled and felt shy when they saw a stranger.
I walked slowly and shook hands with them,
All the way, chasing the stars that were on their way.
And I wondered if you are there beside me.
And I felt you were...smiling...right beside me.

Oct 17, 2008


Love this space here.
But not truly so.
The stars are there for sure.
But what you see is the shadow in the sea.
Often moments have gone unnoticed.
The less hazy ones got their space here.
Taking a break for few days.
Will let it breathe for a while.
See you around soon:)

Oct 14, 2008

Last few weeks had been pretty wierd and interesting and slightly unusual...Lots has been happening around...Professional, personal and some amazing discoveries about myself....One such "great discovery" is that sometimes it’s so refreshing and interesting to hang out with complete strangers...I used to do this kinda "reckless adventure" when I was in XIC (Xavier Institute of Communication)....And I used to always have a blast...Sometimes it’s nice to not know most of the people around u and most importantly, when its not required to "know" them...Cuz all of u are there for the common purpose to completely chill out....its kinda amazin....Had almost stopped doin these fun things since the time i started working....Would try and avoid any such plans with friends (who eventually stopped invitin me for such hangout things)...But just recently realised from the many things that had gone missing from my life, this was one of them...
So here came a friend (an angel in disguise: she always cheers me up) who just called up one day and said "We are going to Daman this weekend ..Do u wana join in?" I said "Yes, count me in"...That’s the only conversation we had...I had no idea who this we constituted of; apart from her...I was slightly jittery at the night before the trip but decided to go ahead....Though the place turned out to be quite drab (On the sidelines: Its a great place for alcoholics: The booze is reallllyyyy cheap....a breezer cost Rs 35!!!! a beer pint: Rs 40;n similar interesting prices for the hard drinks also BUT the beaches are fake and there is one beautiful church which is forver shut!!!)....but I realised that I could just hang out randomly....n I really enjoy doing that....Especially with people who I know won’t be judging me...even if they were, I would give a damn because most of them are random people ...so basically, my point is now m trying to get back to my usual reckless-super impulsive self.... and it def feels lot better and good:)