May 13, 2010

The mister and his mistress

The mister
And his mistress
Longing to be in the dark light
Moaning for their love like it would die
The mister is very headstrong
Mad and always pretending to be wrong
He is an officer and partner in crime
Beats the crap out of mistress’ tears
Eats in a lonely dimly lit café
Eats bread crumbs and drinks port wine
Forgets his house when the moon shines
Mistress is a wannabe poet
Writes on the moon with a chalk
Sneaks in the empty bed in the middle of the night
Drinks whiskey and loves to fight
Breaks the mirrors and then tapes them again
Acts in plays when the sun dries up
Can’t laugh, can’t cry
Till she goes high
Mister and mistress walk in shadows
Cris-crossing one another
Falling in love each day and each night
They haven’t met yet ever
They hope not to!

May 12, 2010

What if the mad seer was right?

What if the mad seer was right?
What if his thought wasn’t so juvenile?
What if I am a part of a dream?
A hazy dark tunnel’s end
Which leads to everywhere
And reaches nowhere
Nowhere is the land where I have always wanted to be
Shimmery powdered stars with a dash of moon
This life is all but a vain then
The struggle for happiness empty
As I can be nothing but happy
Insouciance covers this dream
Even when it dons the shadow of a nightmare
It can be your dream
I sit pretty as the calm and turbulent sea
It can be my dream
I keep opening the doors
One after the other
One after the other
Repeatedly, with a new vigor each time
I can even split the two dreams
And merge them and take the one I like
I would love you forever
Love would not be caged in life
It would float in the dream
Redolent of all the memories over centuries

May 6, 2010

Ek haseen ittefaq

The only incentive of accompanying my friend for her boring meeting with someone was a cuppa coffee at Prithvi Cafe. Even though I act all cool and non-chalant, I am star struck whenever I see really talented actors meandering in Prithvi Cafe.
This time, however, I had more than my share of star-struck-ness when I see one of my MOST favourite actor sitting right across me at the dimly-lit and soaked with flute-music cafe-It was none other than Naseeruddin Shah.

For the first 15-20 minutes,Makrand Deshpande's back averted any direct eye encounter between me and one of my muses. After Deshpande left, my eyes could only look at the ground and I was conscious of my presence as an awkward geeky looking ordinary speck in this talented little universe around me.

My ears were quickly trained to block all other sounds except for the conversation he was making first with a young girl sitting next to him and then to another talented actor Suhasini Mulay (has a number of films to her credit; she plays Akshaye Khanna's mother in Dil Chahta Hai and essays a very impressive role of a politician in Gulzar's Hu Tu Tu).He mentioned something about going to Coorg soon for a shoot :)

I am definitely one of the strong contenders for Naseeruddin Shah's biggest fans ever. I can claim to have seen atleast 90% of his movies. The most recent one has been Aakrosh featuring him alongside stalwarts Om Puri and Amrish Puri.

I think it will be foolish to even talk about his acting skills or his talent. I have always had the hugest crush on him. Not only he is super duper handsome according to me, he has always in a strange way inspired me.