Apr 25, 2009

The Doors, Jim Morrison

Once in a while it is a good exercise to a watch a movie that has the ability to inspire you in an obvious or in an obscure way. One such movie that I saw recently is ‘The Doors’ which is based on the life of Jim Morrison (played by Val Kilmer: one of the best performances I have ever seen). As I am not exactly a music person, I wasn’t that familiar with the music of Jim Morrison. But this movie introduced me to a great guy, a great idea and ofcourse great poetry. Infact two things that were the highlights for me include his early poetry, the one in its crudest form and the second: the idea that he mentions while giving an interview to journalists about how he believes in prolonged derangement of senses to reach the subconscious, It just fascinated me a lot. So did the idea of a ‘cosmic mate’ who was Pam (great performance by Meg Ryan) in this case.

Anyways, incase there are any late-comers like me, do catch the movie, especially if you are interested in poetry. After watching the movie I did a lot of research on JM’s life, poetry, ideas...The inspiration continues for me. Soon planning to fetch ‘The lost writings of Jim Morrison’...Check out some of his poems here: http://www.huddersfield1.co.uk/poetry/morrisonpoetry.htm
One of my favourites:

I am a guide to the Labyrinth

Monarch of the protean towers
on this cool stone patio
above the iron mist
sunk in its own waste
breathing its own breath

Apr 18, 2009

Let me write some words on the water

I feel inspired today,
Moved to tears,
Stones of tears.
They fall on my head and into my eyes.
And I smile and smile.
I turn around to look at you.
But you disappear when the sun goes down.

The darkness on your face is my soul,
The light in your eyes is my heart.

I dance in the moonlight,
Waiting for you to come.
You jump out of the ship to swim in the water.

I fly into the sky,
You dig deeper and deeper in the desert.
I surround myself with strangers,
You walk and walk away to be lonely.
I am lonely but you are not,
You walk with my soul.

The beach is beautiful,
And I want to write poetry
Walk with me baby,
Let me write some words on the water.

Apr 12, 2009

An Ode To My Childhood

Today, memories are looking through the glass,
Of the debates where no one would ever lose,
Of the evenings, where we always walked till the no man’s land,
Of the mornings, where the sun would melt in our eyes,
Of the nights, where the moon was right over our head,
Of the real stories about real people,
Narrated with passion,
Always with a glint in the eyes,
Of the white lies,
Of the black truths,
Of the magic webs,
Of the insane imagination,
Of no role models,
Of the stars that we always managed to count,
Of the moon who was at our beck and call,
Of the tears that could move the earth,
Of the laughter that could make the devil jealous.

“Bite my "cookie"” (not my "ass")!

Under normal circumstances, I can be classified as a TV buff. I decided not to get a TV at the new place that I moved in to bring some "discipline" in my life. Anyways, so now that I am home (Delhi) for this sweet little unexpected vacation, I am watching TV like it is nobody's business.
Anyway, let me connect you to that weird ass headline! I was watching couple of movies on STAR Movies, HBO and Zee Studio. And one common thing I observed with all the channels is that all the movies now carry subtitles in English which is obviously helpful at times when the accents are slightly incomprehensible. However, what was not so helpful was the fact that, at times, the subtitles are absolutely wrong, to the extent of being bizarrely insane.
Let’s me enlighten you with some examples: Ofcourse the headline of this post is one of the examples: ‘Bite my "cookie"’ was the subtitle instead of Julia Roberts original dialogue in the brilliant film Erin Brokovich ‘ bite my “ass"’!!!! It is still OK and makes atleast little sense (even though I disagree) to drop the “F” word but to drop the word SEXUALITY!!!!! Now come on guys! Give us a break! Oh another one: Does “crap” sound better/ more sophisticated than “shit”! Well, I really don’t think so but HBO does.
I can only remember these examples for now (because as someone rightly puts it, I have a memory of a Goldfish)...Will keep updating this with more examples and ofcourse you guys are more than welcome to add examples and fight against this serious cause!
Updated: Examples: Old Fart=Oldie and Butt=Backside