Apr 29, 2008

He can never let his eyes meet mine.
That much I am sure of.
His smile is not the same anymore.
He doesn’t talk from his heart anymore.
His passion for life seems quite diminished.
And I wonder if he is still the one.
He walked across a tightrope always and behaved like a footloose while walking there. Now it seems vice versa.
He looks at me like I don’t exist anymore.
He has killed our moment forever, buried it somewhere.
May be deep inside him or may be at some place even he doesn’t know.
He is scared of something when he meets me. I am his mirror. May be he knows.
I asked him if he doesn’t want to walk against the tide anymore.
He couldn’t answer and I lost him.
He is moving up it seems, I am watching him from the ground with a blurred perspective. He is moving ahead, he says.
But why with the crowd I ask.
He doesn’t have answers to my questions.
I have collected my questions too and finally trying to pack them all.
I am planning to throw them into the sea.
From where I know I will pick them up at the end of it all.
I wish this wasn’t the real world that he and I ever met.
May be I am nothing for him but a speck.
Yes I am the speck and he is the universe from where I can see it.
It’s all imagination but insanely real imagination.
The waves were going high and high,
Touched my feet only to sink me further in the ground.
I felt like I was moving with the waves.
The sky’s horizon was one with the sea.
I smiled at the waves with open arms,
Because I know one day they will take me home.
The waves lost their fury for sometime.
Was lying like a lazy dog on its shore.
It was looking ugly and in its lowest phase.
No turbulence at all but a deep desire.
My dream was floating on the calm sea.
I knew it was an epiphany which will come to an end.
Then it will be the same old sea again,
Ferocious and ready to take my dream far and deep.
It will ensnare the detractors and will swallow its lovers.
The fury will have its way and will call me some day.
The water is rhythmic right now,
It will soon be trumpeting in all its glory.
I will be a part of its celebration as its lover,
Will get merged with the waves to dance.
The time will come when I will find my dream deep inside.