Apr 22, 2013


Recently my friend Sowmyatta sent me her album of the Madrid-Barcelona-Toledo trip that we took in November this year. It just brought back so many memories and the impulse to book my tickets for this year's trip. This is one of my fav photographs which we took from Sowm's iPhone in Barcelona.   

Apr 21, 2013


It is like we are carrying our whole lives with us, from one second to another, leaving no traces in the past. It is thrilling and scary and exhilarating and depressing.   

And I, I am always living in this huge giant bubble. Of course people can see it, laugh at it and express concern sometimes. But I always live on the pretext that they can’t do any of this. This bubble is so fragile that the slightest of nudges can blow it up. When it blows up, it blows up fully, leaving no proof of the world that existed between its multi-coloured edges and me, leaving me completely fucking defenceless and new as a small child who has no idea what is going on. 

Negotiating jokes without punch lines

"He would often lead me up blind alleys or through an endless labyrinth of incomprehensible logic. I felt like Alice with the Mad Hatter, negotiating jokes without punch lines, and having to retrace my steps on the chessboard floor back to the logic of my own peculiar universe."

Patti Smith, Just Kids   

Apr 18, 2013

My Red Backpack

लाल बैग की तो जैसी चाँदी हो गयी
पिछले साल पेरिस और स्पेन गया था
इस साल लन्दन जा रहा है
पिछले साल कुछ कागज़ पेंसिल लेकर गया था
वापिस आया तो किताब उगल दी
पीठ पर लटका लटका घंटो चला
कभी मुस्कुराते हुए
कभी कंप्लेंन करते हुए
इतना कुछ भर लिया अपने अन्दर
की मेरे कंधे थक कर चूर हो गए
इतने लोग, इतनी  कहानिया
इतना म्यूजिक, इतने कलाकार 
लाल बैग काफी क्यूरियस मिजाज़ का है
अब टिकट क्या बुक हो गया
ये  तो हवा में गोते भरने लगा
इस साल जाने क्या क्या भर लायेगा
लाल बैग की तो जैसी चाँदी हो गयी