Jun 17, 2013

Weekend. Mother. Kafka's The Trial. Lars and the Real Girl. Smash People's Heads.

This weekend has been so long and nice and justifiably and deservedly so.

I am being treated to piping hot-smothered with ghee-food by mother who has come to live with me for two weeks.Staying with mother always makes me emotional. Very happy. Very edgy. Very decisive. Very confused. Very confident. Very weak. All at the same time. Yup.

Re-watched 'Lars and the Real Girl' yesterday. Had almost completely forgotten it. Gosling is so different in this movie. And brilliant. And I love Emily Mortimer. Even though she usually always plays these sugary roles, I still love her. I don't remember the name of this other movie. I have written about it somewhere on my blog in which there is this scene where she stands naked in front of this guy and just asks him so earnestly to help her practically analyse her body from each and every angle, as she is an aspiring and struggling actress. I just remember that earnestness in her voice and eyes so clearly. Anyhow, 'Lars and the Real Girl' is a pretty interesting film to catch, if you haven't already. Very very intense subject treated with a pinch of butter and salt.
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Just started reading Franz Kafka's The Trial, finally. It had been stalking and staring at me for years now. Finally decided to give it a shot. 40 pages down and I am in this abysmal world of this person being free and arrested at the same time and we both have no freaking idea about his situation. Intriguing. So far.

In other news, I am feeling a little bit like this. I think I am just keeping my head on my head because my mother is staying with me right now otherwise I am totally in the mood to take a bat and smash some people's heads on the road. Just like that. Just to feel good. Most people are weird. Anyways.


Jun 8, 2013


Wanting to clutch
Hold on
Be free as air
Spreading thin
In the sky
Buried inside the earth....


Then again, this déjà vu didn’t erase the idea of an unhappy ending. “I love you like this,” Megan purred, as Don (Draper) struggled to brand a car with no name. “Desperate and scared?” he said. “Fearless,” she replied, saying that she’d do anything to help. Her closing line hinted at the finale that the show keeps flashing like a fan dancer: “Then you can jump from the balcony and fly to work. Like Superman.”


MACEDONIA! Fuck yeah!

(That's why I love blogging! This is so fucking cool. I always wanted someone who stays in a place which sounds like 'Macedonia' to read whatever shit I write)

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Jun 5, 2013


I have often expressed my love and obsession for The New York Times Obituaries section. There is nothing really cryptic about this deep interest in reading about famous/not so famous dead people. 

I love these obituaries for very simple reasons-The headlines: Most of the headlines are just like these lovely short interesting stories in themselves.

Take for example:

Aren't these just brilliant and provoking?