Mar 21, 2008


After such a long time I am really impressed with a story done by Jug Suraiya in today's Times of India(March 21)...."From Taslima to Tibet, India proves chicken". Whata fantastic title and what a fantastic story that follows...couldnt agree with him more...How can a country like India call itself democratic...its beyond my understanding...i dunno why so much of our time was wasted in school in studying the ridiculous idea that India is a free country, a democracy and where one of our fundamental rights include freedom of expression and seems farcical now...completely bogus and farcical....Be it Rushdie, MF Hussain, Taslima and son and so forth, India has always let down the advocates of creative expression...For god's sake how can u tell me what to speak and what to write....Here I would like to quote Suraiya who cudnt have put the latest action by I&B minister, to make Taslima apologise, any better. "Should the I&B mistry be renamed the ministry of intimidation and browbeating". Well OFCOURSE. while Suraiya feels that India has always chickened out when it comes to "take on the big demons-chinese totalitarianism, religious fundamentalism." I cant put my finger down on the real reason for all this absolute nonsense....but m sick of it....N for gods sake can somebody actually plz put atleast a lil sense in Mr Ramadoss's mind....each n everyday m hearin some stupid story about his "wish" to stop consumption of tobacco...give it a break dude...Really....Finally i would like to end with Suraiya's feelin who has really inspired me to write against all the nonsense that is happenin..."Can't move mountains?find convenient molehills, turn them into mountains and then move them. that seems to be the recipe. Not jus for the health minister but for the entire sorry mes which might aptly be called Indian chicken curry"

Mar 20, 2008

Waitin for Godot....wat da heck

The professor that used to teach us Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot in the final year of English Hons at DU was quite hot and for the major part of the lecture all we used to do was to write silly post its and circulate them or never really paid much attention to the play except when i studied it for the exam....but even then not really delved into it but one thing that really attracted me to the play was the title and ofcourse later on the subject too....i think one of the greatest plays ever written....but right now i jus wana concentrate on the title...the title is a synonym for "modernism"....i think it clearly defines the core of modernist writings....all the lit lovers know what the title leads to and who Godot is....i often use this as my status message in which m supposed to write what m i doing at that particluar moment....and i guess 99% of the time in my life I Am waitin for Godot....i guess most of us are.....there is this endless longing to see him...ENDLESS ofcourse.....I woudnt wana kill the beautiful irony for those who have even a lil inclination to read the play or rather experience it....but i guess everyone should know about godot....its insanely universal.....
Feelin it all over again,
a sense of loss,
broken dreams and emptiness.
Was it all worth it i wonder,
a moment full of stars and an unbearable sunshine thereafter.
Its bitter sweet they say,
this feelin of love.
Cant stop lovin love even if its always a dark abyss in which i fall,
its the oxymoronic phase i have lived in,
extremes to the hilt,
nadir and pinnacle often together.

Mar 17, 2008

Facebook Facebook on the wall....

Jus few days back i realised that i was getting "psychologically" addicted to facebook big time....though there was a reason for it...da guy who i had/hav a crush on was on facebook n i presumed dat i was subtly flirting with him by changin my status messages....n all da time all i was thinkin of was my next status message....but dat was jus one part of it....i hav realised dat most of us are so conscious of our "virtual" presence....few days back one of my friends had an extremely interesting post in her was a compilatin of the status messages in gmail of lotsa ppl....n it was sooooooo interestin to ranged from simple to wierd to bizzare to stupid....i kno m ramblin a bit here...but all m trying to say is dat somewhere we are psychologically connnected to social networkin online platforms...

Mar 16, 2008

So Whats da Big Deal?

I saw Michael Clayton almost a month back...My friend who saw the movie along wth me didnt really enjoy it and then the next day, my colleague who had also watched the movie said that she slept halfway through the movie and she thought that it was jus an overhyped movie and dint deserve an oscar nomination...Ok I beg to differ. I dont really know what has really been the general reaction to the movie but i feel that this was one of the finest movie i had seen in terms of EXECUTION...I am always fascinated with execution.. Be it in films or books....Even the most simplest of stories can be rendered fascinating if the execution is brilliant...m not underestimating simplicity and also not propogating being complicated just for the heck of it...What i am trying to say is that it takes a lot to present a story....A simple story about a complicated case in a law firm was made so intriguing jus by puttin the scenes together in a jigsaw puzzle manner...I think every creative person has a style...this was jus one of the styles which was truly fascinating....anyways i guess its very subjective....the movie was super gripping atleast for me...

Mar 14, 2008

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has become one of my favourite writers.Over the last few months i have kinda become obsessed with his style of writing.Its not like he is the only wonderful writer that i have come across.However, there is something magical, a sort of "madness" in his writing.I don't know how to really explain it but there is a kinda passion which is agressive and yet laidback.

You actually get a sense that he is on dope and just pouring the words on the paper unfiltered and thats the most wonderful writing according to me. I have just read three of his books til now, 100 years of Solitude, Love in the times of cholera and Chronicle of a Death Foretold and somehow each book has taken me to the other, if you know what I mean. However, they are completely disconnected with each other. Such amazing themes; themes which i can only associate with Marquez and no one else.

I am looking for 'General in his Labyrinth' these days....Gettin addicted to Marquez I guess...:)