Aug 30, 2008

Met you again after a long time,
Don’t know where you are,
But the distance didn’t seem much.
Knew why the wait....
Could empathize with the pain.
Each word was a thought,
Each thought was a world.
My eyes felt heavy,
You walked through them...
I am in love...all over again...

Aug 22, 2008

No Smoking or Thank you for smoking?

So had one really terrible experience this time when my mom was here for a month long stay...Here's how it all happened... This friend of mine insists on behaving like a bimbette at times...I was in Bandra with a bunch of friends and mom and were hunting for a dinner place on a Saturday night...the locals would know that dinner places are jam-packed during the we decided to experiment with mom and took her to our good old Red Box’s a normal dinner place with really loud was having fun with us but her attention would often get diverted when she spotted young chicks swirling the smoke outta their mouth....she made an account of it in her memory...we came home and my mom mentioned to my friend-who-insists-on behaving-like-a-bimbette-at-times about the trend of smokin amongst girls in Mumbai....n that’s when the blast happened...this friend started looking at me and started smiling and started saying "ha aunty girls ko to smoke nahi karna chaiye". I have no difficulty in getting red with blush/shame/embarrassment at drop of a hat. So I couldn’t resist the change in color of my cheeks...and mom made an account of that day passed, tow did., three question she has forgotten about it....then it exploded....answer me honestly, she said...Ok I will....Do you drink? yes mom...just breezers and wine....that’s normal right!...after a little persuasion that was take n care of what? u smoke?....what! u smoke?....I used to...What the hell!...That means u smoke!...No I just smoked for few months...had a really bad phase in life (I wish my answer was a little more innovative).. Was it at the time you were dating this guy? ...No mom! ...(What’s the connection of a guy to my smoke!)....ok sorry...will try n never do it again....swear on me...swear on your mom will try....(said try in an almost inaudible voice)....Few days later she even found a ciggie box in my room with one smoke inside it and burst out crying...had to go through it all over again...
OK now the second part of the story....Now it’s been more than fifteen days since she is gone...I am getting a huuuuuge urge to smoke (FYI I am not an addicted smoker..not a social smoker . In fact I hardly smoke except for when I really feel like it...when I have silly mood’s been two years and its limited to that) being an emotional fool....can’t seem to break the promise I made to mom....Fuck... Why is life so difficult!....Then saw this movie 'Thank you for smoking' at a friend's house few days back...Awesome movie....Thought it will help me to take a call....But what the hell ...After the lobbyist in the movie took away my heart with his awesome speeches in favour of smoking (tobacco increases revenue), he broke it badly in the end by taking a moral stance when a question was asked about his stance when his son would ask for a smoke at 18....Damn!
And for that friend-who-insists-on behaving-like-a-bimbette-at-times: Din’t speak to her for many many bored...have resumed talking....
Never thought of one moment,
One sky, one life,
Where I would be a part of me...
The colours shone black and white,
The eyes go deep and deep,
In the finer truths and beautiful lies.
I smile, I laugh and I cry.
I am the stone for the years gone by,
I am the phoenix for the years to come.
The roads are the home,
The home is the place which is forever eluded.
It is as far as the roads.
I walk, I run and I crawl
This is the moment, the sky and the life where I become a part of me.

Aug 13, 2008

I am the one who seeks it always,
It does not seek me.
I want it to move beyond this room, roof, beyond air and eternity.
I want it to hold me down,
I want it to take me in its wings and wade through the water.
I want to take it in my own eyes and feel it.
I wonder what it does when it’s not in my eyes!
Sometimes it calls itself life, I wonder why!

Aug 3, 2008

Memories are not coming to rescue,

the sheen of dreams is getting lost.

Life seems shorter by the moment.

I feel stuck in the eternity...

claustrophobic in the expanse.

Reality is breaking into my world,

the glasses are already cracked!

Aug 1, 2008

Thanks to the fuckin viral fever and a grand spider bite, I couldn't blog since such a long time...Can't believe that I actually missed it...Leme start with my fav topic: movies...Saw two Hindi movies lately and hav to say that I am quite impressed ...Though we have had quite a number of mavericks lately but still there was this divide between commercial and art cinema...The last two movies that I saw the overpublcised Jaane Tu Ya jaane Na and Pritish Nandy's Ugly aur Pagli were the new-age light hearted non-conventional fun movies, clearly targeted at the youth. Another commom factor that struck me about both the movies is that atleast one of the characters of each movie breaks the stereotypes so amazingly...The dude in Jaane Tu is a completely non-heroic character very very hard to find in Hindi "commercial" cinema... and the details of his character are so finely etched out...The babe in Ugli aur pagli is an in thats the central point of her character..again, something unheard of in hindi "commercial" cinema...Ok i think m getting into an analysis mode...But the point I wana make is taht the youth is craving for such movies....Its almost like watching Friends....atleast you can relate to it...Anyways the movie I missed was Dark Knight...Really wanted to watch it but sacrificed it for my mom who is here for a few weeks...Anyways...