Feb 24, 2010

Old Monk

I am not much of a brand person but over the last few years one brand that I have been particularly in love with is Old Monk. There are very few brands which inspire such a strong group-ism and solidarity amongst the users and one of them is surely our very own Old Monk.

When I was first introduced to Old Monk, it was a sort of an experiment of trying out rum for the first time. After that there have been many sorts of brands/drinks that I have tried, tested, liked, hated, wasted! But there is just no one like Old Monk.

Initially, I often wondered why people who drink Old Monk are so obsessed with it. Now there is nothing to explain and nothing to understand. It’s just a feeling. You and the other person who is equally devoted to Old Monk simply know why you both like OM. It’s a cult.

I have had countless good memories attached with Old Monk and I am sure there are many more crazy lovers of Old Monk like me.

Hail Old Monk.

Feb 2, 2010

How does one make a new beginning?

The stars are darker and darker
The night is just dozing off
Our eyes are sick of each other
Smiles are sarcastic
Dreams are farcical
We are sitting by the sea shore since eternity
And talking to the forever blackening moon
The words for each other are now less and few
I am not looking for you
Yet the only one I look at is you
The night is zooming past
I am too lonely for the day to come
Yet I know how badly I got to try
This is getting highly predictable
We are no longer in the bubble
The moon is finally melting
And I dont want to burn in the debris
So I think I should get going
It was really nice meeting you
But just one question
How does one make a new beginning?