May 30, 2008

One day I heard the sweetest whisper, a cuckoo it was.
Me just out of my nest, desolate and lonely;
waiting to get intimidated.
Lost my friends, the branch of the tree could hardly stand.
I could not sing,
Nor could I dance.
Then it was the melodious healing voice of cuckoo that crossed my heart.
Thanks for being there my friend.

May 26, 2008


This one is for all the Chronicles of Narnia lovers! Narnia Prince Caspian isnt magnanimous at all...Looks pretty sullen when compared to the first one..Its not all that bad but nothing compared to the first one...Prince Caspian is cool and charming ...but I really missed the White Queen who does a blink-and-miss in this one... And that turns out to be the only scene close to spectacular in the entire movie....Nothing interesting with the kings and queens...quite boring infact!The Lion isnt impressive too...The only thing it does is animate the trees and water...not very cool! I know this always happens with sequels...they almost never live upto the expectations of their originals....but ofcourse there are exceptions...The case in point being Spiderman

May 23, 2008

Digital rocks!

I have always been a tubelight when it comes to anything to do with digital but i have to accept that its the most fascinating medium ever...Though print writing will always be close to my heart...Was just killing time in office yesterday and was going through lots of blogs and new interesting social networking platforms like twitter (yeah yeah I have just discovered it)...And I realised that there was sooo much happening in this space. People have almost created a sort of mini world around. The blogs are awesome, the social networking sites rock...its just amazing...I might sound like a villager who has come to the city for the first time and is complete struck by the modernity...But yeah I am truly truly impressed with digital...Planning to work harder on my blog:)

May 19, 2008

There were dreams
Yes there were
A little blue sky
No hut for me
Just the plain vanilla sky
Music of the clouds with a dash of raindrops
Each raindrop falls on me like a piece of heaven
Twinkling laughter, crackling leaves, budding flowers
Joy abundant when the cloud are dark
Beautiful shadows when they are bright

May 9, 2008


First of all, the movie's name is Horton....jus that.. I dont know why it was advertised all over as horton hears a who....Anyways...This movie definitely deserves a special mention....Its an amazingly beautiful movie....The animation is spectacular and characters are brilliantly etched out including our dear Horton and Mayor.... The movie is basically about a kingdom which is situated on a speck of dust...Wont go into details incase anyone gets even a bit inspired to watch it...I think its a MUST watch....Its fun, warm and really cool...