Jan 19, 2014

Orange is the new Black

I have a few really random things to say about this show. 

First, the obvious stuff. Orange is the new Black (Season one) is fantastic. It's the definition of subtle brilliant entertainment. Subtle plot, subtle dark humour, subtle characters, more or less. The coolest thing about OITNB is the moment you start figuring out any character, the character just turns around and laughs at you. Oh, oh and also, I got to know after some ten episodes that Piper Chapman is actually based on Piper Kerman. This is like the moment when I figured Jenji Kohan is a woman after watching some six odd seasons of Weeds. Kerman has written a book of the same title (love the title by the way) sketching her experience in a minimum non-security prison upstate. 

It's just funny that while I was on the fourth or fifth episode I was looking at Chapman and just falling in love with her imperfections. Everything she gets glided into, her subconscious desire for adventure, for trouble even and then her constant fear of the extreme wild, it's insanely real and I was like wow, she is going to be one of my favorite fictional heroines. And then Kerman just validated Chapman for me in flesh and blood. She is for real. That's what makes her so much more cool. 

I love the whole mellowness of the show. There are these wild scenes and then everything snuggles into a huge comfortable cloud. They rest and they they fall. They fall and then they go back and rest again. They show us some the wildest sides of some of the characters and then in another 5-10 minutes make them silly humans again. Mendez, probably the most poisonous officers in the jail, is left a love-fool at the end of the season. They have done something of the sort to all characters. Made stupid ones wild, made wild ones stupid. The super nice friendly uncle Healy metamorphoses into an almost murderous homophobic insecure sick bastard. It's lovely basically. In the end you will just love of them and want to enter into the lives of each one. The mini plots are woven nicely.  

And ofcourse, a special word for our very own That 70's show's Donna! Laura Prepon plays the super freaking hot drug smuggling adventurous heart broken lesbian Alex Vause and she fucking kicks ass.   

So don't wait. Get inside the OITNB jail now. Season two is on its way.  

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